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This community is dedicated to an actress Jessica Szohr; best known as Vanessa Abrams on hit show Gossip Girl.
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About Jessica:

Jessica Karen Szohr (born March 31, 1985 in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin) is an American model of Hungarian and African-American descent. Szohr (pronounced "Zee-oh-ar") was discovered at age seventeen where she began working as a Kohl's Department Store model. She graduated from Menomonee Falls High School in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. She has also modeled for Crate and Barrel, Mountain Dew, Sears, Quaker Oats, Jockey, JanSport, and Seventeen, where she received a full page ad for Claire's Boutique. Aside from her notable character Vanessa Abrams, her second most notable performance is acting in the video "Over You" by Daughtry. Szohr has had appearances in many TV shows including: Somebody Help Me, CSI: Miami, Gossip Girl, What About Brian, House at the End of the Drive, The Reading Room, That's So Raven, Joan of Arcadia, Drake & Josh, What I Like About You, Uncle Nino, and My Wife And Kids. Jessica is dating her co-star Ed Westwick and is best friend with her other co-star Leighton Meester.

About Vanessa:
Vanessa is an aspiring filmmaker. Her childhood best friend is Dan Humphrey. She once lived in Vermont with her parents until they've decided to allow her to
live with her sister in Brooklyn to finish high school. She had a huge crush on Dan. The two were almost an item before Vanessa decided to move away to
Vermont to live with her parents. A year later, she returns and tries to rekindle the old flames. Unlucky for her, Dan had found a new love interest in Upper East
Side socialite Serena van der Woodsen. Vanessa moved on relatively quick and started a relationship with Nate Archibald, Blair Waldorf's ex-boyfriend.
Vanessa was accepted at NYU along with Blair, Dan and Georgina.

Community rules:
+ All posts must be related to Jessica/Vanessa. Personal attacks/rude comments directed at Jess/Vanessa or anyone else is not tolerated.
+ Inappropriate or unrelated posts will be rejected. Inappropriate comments will be deleted and can cause banning from the community.
+ Please use tags [check our sidebar]
+ Some entries are locked! I would say most of them, especially with filming pictures/photoshoots.

+ All Gossip Girl discussion includes spoilers must be posted under an LJ-cut to prevent spoiling those who haven't yet watched.
+ When posting images please be aware of other people's internet connections. Post only one image outside of an LJ-cut and include any additional images under the cut.
+ If you're posting icons or graphics, all teasers must feature Jess/Vanessa. Each post may only have 3 teasers outside of an LJ-cut.
+ If you run a related community, you may promote it in this community. Non-related community promotion is not allowed.
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